Monday, January 14, 2008

Vacation drama

We got into New Orleans mid afternoon Dec. 26.. We ventured out to visit with our favorite bartenders and preceded to get drunk. We then started to argue about Scoobys black out problem that I had just learned about. Note: things have been getting damaged around the house several times in 2007 but it was always blamed on the cats until I witnessed Scooby doing it recently. The day after he had no recollection of doing it.

Anyway we argued and he left me at the bar. Shortly after, I took off and took a walk around the Quarter. I called him later to meet me near the car and he never showed. I called him a bit later and he ended up wandering out of the Quarter and got lost and didn't know where he was. I told him to find a corner street sign and call a cab, but he couldn't find any street signs. I drove around for an hour or so trying to find him but had no luck. Hours later he found a cop who directed him to a corner so he could call a cab.

In the process of him being lost he fell down and fucked up his foot and his face. By the time he made it back to the bar, blood ran from the bridge of his nose all down his face. Did I note that this was Wednesday and we didn't have actual lodging until Friday, also that it rained for the first couple days of our trip. We stayed at the bath house the first night and I got us a room at a really cheap motel Thurs. night because Scooby needed to get off of his hurt foot. He refused to go to a Dr. or anything while we were there.

Now that we are back, he's had his foot exrayed and it is indeed fractured and he got a cast today.

That was pretty much the excitement of our trip. Otherwise it was pretty low key while we were there this Holiday.


John said...

I guess I dont have to tell you about the dangers of drinking so much you black out, especially on a regular basis :)

Thanks for the link to the mansex journals, its very hot

BIGMomma said...

what a way to start a vacation in the quarter.....where you have to walk to everything. sorry about her foot, that poor thing.