Monday, March 10, 2008

Vacation planning

Well its official, I will be in San Francisco on vacation in mid May. I'll be going out there by myself since Scooby only works 4 hrs. a week and can't afford to go. Actually I'm kind of excited about traveling by myself. Its been along time since I went anywhere on my own, other than work that is.

Scooby is planning on spending a couple of days with my extremely well endowed ex bf while I'm gone, which I'm totally cool with. Now that is an open relationship. lol


Drub said...

Too bad you aren't coming to SoCal... :)

Will said...

Scooby may not be going with you, but it sounds as if you're both going to have a WONDERFUL time! :-)

Homer said...

Ohmigod, there are gays in SF!