Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm kind of irratated today. It started Monday around 3pm when I was getting ready to go to work and one of our unemployed friends stopped by in his process of getting drunk. By the time I got home Scooby was drunk also. Then Tuesday another of our unemployed booze hound friends stopped by and and preceded to get Scooby drunk again.

Is it just me or am I justified to be pissed off. I'm tired of working my ass off while jobless people are getting shitfaced at my house. Only to get home and have to clean up the empty coke cans, shot glasses and dirty ashtrays. When I got home last night I found my laundry/cleaning supply closet had been ransacked. My dirt devil broom that I just bought this last weekend had been jammed back in to the point that the bristled edge was all fucking bent up and now doesn't pick up all that great.

I'm tired of being the bad guy. I think about breaking up with Scooby regularly. If he wasn't so handy and knowledgable about carpentry/electrical and plumbing I'd of broke up with him by now. I do love him, but stop drinking during the week and get a fuckin job!!! It also pisses me off that he doesn't have money to put gas in his car but has it to buy a fucking bottle of whisky.

I've got to start making rules again and I hate that. This is what I've got so far:

No drinking in the house Mon.-Thur.
If you do drink, don't come home, let me know where u are, but don't come home.
If there is drinking in the house or you come home drunk we are done.

Then he will have a choice of either moving to another room with a possiblity of reconciling or I will pay him to leave with no reconciling.

It would be one thing if he worked alot on the house, but I have to nag him to get him to do anything most of the time. I normally just do it by asking him, "So what are you doing today?". He has been working on the house for 10 yrs. I really feel he's dragging his feet because he knows he'll have to get a actual job when he's done.

End of rant....


Anonymous said...

Two red flags here:

"I think about breaking up with Scooby regularly."

"If he wasn't so handy and knowledgable about carpentry/electrical and plumbing I'd of broke up with him by now."

I have a feeling if you do it, it'll be hard, but afterwards, you'll wonder why you waited so long...that's how it always went for me.

Michael said...

Thanks, I'm just hoping he will get his shit together. I feel this way most when he drinks, which isn't every week but often enough that I consider ending it.

If I do, this will be my last relationship. Its just too exhausting and stressful.
Thanks again for your advice.

Anonymous said...

I hate it that you are having troubles at home but damn it makes your blog interesting again.....

good luck baby!