Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ignorace in the gay community

As some of you remember Scooby and I had a room mate for a while, little over a year ago. Scooby and I are HIV+, our room mate was/is not. Recently I was conversing with a guy and my partner and I's HIV status came up and the guy replied, "your room mate was also, wasn't he?" I told him he wasn't and he said, "Well I and other people just figured he was since he lived with you guys."

WTF??? Why is it that if you know or live with someone who is HIV+, that people automatically assumes you are HIV+ also. With this kind of ignorant thinking I guess it shouldn't surprise me time and again, that alot guys will immediately quit chatting with me online once they find out I'm HIV+.

Another instance was with our friend who recently had health issues. He had an enzyme surge which caused some temporary paralisis. (Note: he's doing much better and has almost completely recovered) But the gay community automatically labled him as having AIDS, which he doesn't, in fact he's HIV-. Just because he's young and had a temporary health issue he was branded with HIV/AIDS.

The ignorance of these queens spreading these hateful rumours blows my mind. Here are a couple of guild lines to help you protect yourself and be a decent human being.

1.) ALWAYS practice safe sex and treat all sexual partners as if they are HIV+.
2.)Don't spread rumours about people unless that person has confirmed the rumour and says its ok to tell other people.

end of rant....


Anonymous said...

Its typical of americans......we are very ignorant and unread.


Will said...

That's a good rant, Mike--don't apologize for it!