Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fog

This week I rode my scooter to work Tuesday and Thursday. Round trip its about 50 miles so I spared my car a 100 miles this week. Plus I used under 2 gal. of gas on the 2 trips. Man I wish it was the beginning of summer instead of the end.

Last night though Scooby called me around 11:15pm at work and told me it was getting pretty foggy at home. So I took off a 1/2 hour early from work and headed home. The fog really increased as I left the lighted streets of town and headed onto the main country road for home. I kind of got a little panicky when the visibility turned to shit, plus it didn't help that I had to keep wiping my face shield to see. The stress level was about the same as trying to drive home at night in the middle of a blizzard, other than having two wheels instead of 4. I did make it home in one piece though. I'll definitely be riding the shit out of it next year. Scooters ROCK!

I know I promised pics of it and will do this weekend and hopefully have then posted by Monday.

Have a great weekend!!


Firethorne said...

Hey, Guy - long time follower of your blog. Always enjoy your posts - especially the playful ones!

At least you live in an area where a scooter can be safely used. Here in the DC area, everybody thinks they're such hot sh*t and important that you take your life in your hands on two wheels! On second thought, same is true of four wheels!


Bigg said...

I just read the comment that you left on my blog...
And you are just the sweetest thing EVER. Seriously, that was the nicest thing anybody said all day.