Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its all fun and games till someone snaps a toe off

Last Saturday started out productive with me working some overtime, but once I got home it turned into another weekend night of drunken daubachery. Several of our friends came over all with alcohol, beer, a half pint, couple of pints and a 5th of whisky. Our one friend JJ has been known to tie one on in the past and this night was no exception. We quickly went through the half pint, pints and a good portion of the fifth with JJ pouring shots as soon as the glasses were empty. Then he fell out into the yard. We checked to see if he was ok then let him lay there until he was ready to get up. Soon he stumbled onto the deck again and we propped him up on the bench inbetween two people so he wouldn't fall over. Then he tried to climb across the table, which we stopped.

We then noticed blood on the deck and tracked it back to JJ's foot. His one shoe was gone and what was left was a mangle of toes. I couldn't look, but someone kept saying, "The bones sticking out", "The bones sticking out". I definitely couldn't look. By that time JJ was totally incoherent aka shitfaced drunk. I said he needed to go to the hospital, but since everyone was too drunk to drive and JJ couldn't afford an ambulance ride, the soberest one wrapped up his foot and we layed him on the couch to sleep it off and it was decided that we would take him to the hospital in the morning.

The next morning I woke up to the front door being closed, so I hurriedly got dressed and went outside to see JJ sitting on the front porch steps barefooted. He turned to me and said, "What happened?" I then told him that he fell down. He then said he got up and unwrapped his foot only to find the horror of what layed underneath. "Did you see my foot?" I peeked over his shoulder to view for the first time and yes the toe next to the big toe was pushed to the side and yes the bone where the toe should be was sticking out. "I then almost cried and said,"Oh JJ, you need to go to the hospital." He then told me he had already called someone to pick him up, because his scooter had a dead battery. He then replied, "I think I need to stop drinking whisky, but believe it or not it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks".

It ended up he had 3 broken toes. All needed to be reset and it took three tries to set the bad one. He stopped by today to pick up his scooter and he apoligized for creating such drama. I told him I was just glad they were able to put him back together. We then discussed and joked about the necessity of wearing shoes when you party.

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