Friday, December 12, 2008

This n that

Its been a great week folks. First off in the beginning of the week someone on told me "that people like me (being people with hiv+) should be casterated".......nice.

Then today on Manhunt I was told I look like a serial killer. And here I thought the pic I had on there looked good in a somewhat sexy way. Maybe thats why very few will talk to me. lol.....

I will be baking bread and making chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, and pecan praline muffins for our friends as gifts from Christmas. Thats what working class poor people do instead buckling under the capitalistic pressures of buying material gifts. lol

Speaking of material gifts, I bought myself an old/vintage Kitchenaid mixer on Ebay. Dam is it nice and so much easier then using the hand mixer. Plus the kitchen lights don't blink like they did when I used my little hand mixer.

To cut back on expenses we have stopped eating out and I have started making more meals. Today I made my mothers beef stroganoff recipe and dam it was fantastic and it only took about 15-20 min..

Tomorrow our sugar daddy is coming to take us out to eat for Christmas and give us our Christmas gifts. YAY

Well gotta go, hope everyone has a good weekend!


Bigg said...

Don't let the internet get you down, Mike. Manhunt and are the slam books of the new wired generation.
What's your handle on Manhunt? I'll buddy list you and then you'll have someone on your list who makes you look better by comparison.

Drub said...

Dude, don't sweat that stuff. There is always some fag out there who didn't get laid that weekend or whatever and looks for somebody to pick on. Besides we all know different - you're one hot fuck!

Homer said...

Sounds like someone is a little jealous!

Michael said...

Thanks guys, actually I was more shocked then upset over both the castration and serial killer comments.

I thought I'd post them here so people realize/understand the paranoia and phobia that a lot of HIV- gay men have towards guys that are HIV+.