Monday, December 01, 2008

Whats new.....

Well this is what is new. I've had a cold for over a week now. It started with a sinus infection, then downgraded to the sniffles. Now I have a sporatic cough that won't go away.

I've been going to the Dr. monthly for the last 3 months trying out antidepressants. I've tried two, the first one Zoloft was ok if I don't ever care to have sex again. The only good thing about it was I had no desire to drink alcohol. I don't remember the name of the second one but I got a rash from my knees to my neck so I quit taking that one but the rash continues. My Dr. doesn't think its related and seems to think the rash will run its course in 8 weeks. I seriously think I've had it for longer though. I gave up on trying any more antidepressants.

I've also been loosing the feeling in the tips of my fingers which is caused by long term use of the hiv med combivir. My right index finger is the worst to the point I started referring to it as my "dead finger". Its like its been shot full of novacaine, but it doesn't wear off.

On a better note: Michigan passed a law allowing medical use of marijauna for people with cancer, glacoma, hiv/aids ect.. So once I convince my Dr. (who's against it) to write me a note to the health dept. I will be able to grow 12 plants for myself in a locked area. Scooby will be able to grow 12 plants also. People who are caregivers can grow plants for up to 5 people.

My Dr. is kind of pissing me off. He's against the medical use of pot, but I know of two of his past patients that he's gotten hooked on prescription pills. One of them is now dead. I think I'm going to mention to him that I've been smoking on and off for 27 yrs. and I'm still alive unlike a certain past patient of his.

But anyway thats whats going on in my life, aren't you glad I


Drub said...

Pot will help your appetite, if it's not up to what it should be, and it will chill you the fuck out. Also, it's fun to sit around, watch cartoons or have sex after. :)

Bigg said...

Good for you, Mike. I wish Pennsylvania was so enlightened, believe me. Instead I have to get mine the old-fashioned way.