Monday, November 16, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

If I hadn't mentioned, my friend and I have made up a few weeks ago after a month hiatus. Anyway he called and left a message Sunday morning, I was still in bed but could tell by his voice that something was not right. I got up a few minutes later, made coffee and called him back and he procedes to tell me about the disturbing phone call he received the night before.

back story: after my friend broke up with his bf, said ex rented a room at the other house I bought early this year. Ex is friends with another gay man named Vince and Vince is in a relationship with mentally unstable Gerald. Well Gerald thinks something is going on between Ex and Vince and called my friend Saturday night to tell him if I don't kick Ex out of the house that him and his nephew are going to burn down my rental house, and that they already cased the place out. nice....

So I took a little trip over to the local police dept. and reported the threat. Unfort. they can't really do anything until he acts on it, but the report has been made incase anything happens. I've heard stories about how Gerald beats Vince (who's in a wheelchair) and in his last tirade this weekend distroyed Vince's walker. Its all very fucked up and I don't understand why Vince doesn't file assault charges against him and get his ass thrown in jail.

Luckily I'm very well insured.

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