Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have always hated those Croc clog shoes, to the point when trick came over one day with them on and well lets just say it was his last I've heard over and over how comfy they are from other online peeps and after checking out ebay for those sport wheelchairs cuz I had had enough of my pain, hobble walk, I decided to check out these horrid shoes as well. I ended up finding some that actually looked like a boat shoe, with tie strings and such in black so I "buy it now"ed them. After 2 days my heal pain is 50% gone, the ball of my foot still hurts, a little less, but my heals where the worst.

Its amazing how much more I can/feel like getting done when my feet aren't killing me. While on ebay I also found heal spur cups, I bought them as well and am patiently waiting their arrival. They disperse the pressure of the heal to the side when stepping, protecting the middle spur area from impact. I have no idea why my foot Dr. didn't recommend them from the start, other than they are $15 dollars and the ortho insoles they made for me were like $700. which I can't wear cuz they are solid and my heals don't do hard solid surfaces anymore.

In other news my 2001 Aztek is dying, I think. I've had a antifreeze smell for awhile, some minor and not so minor repairs made it subside, but then it came back. It is now coming close to over heating. Well it goes in Monday, but it looks like it is probably the valve cover gaskets which is like a 1,500 repair, and with that there is a chance of antifreeze getting into the engine and if that happens the motor will blow up within a month or 2. So I'm going to start looking for another car, which of course would mean a car payment, which I can't afford. Yay me... I'm not letting it get me down.

The tenant that I evicted moved out early so I lost out on June rent. I have someone else replacing him in July or August and also have another tenant that is having $ problems and might move out at well. I'm refusing to get stressed out about our finances or lack of. Scooby had hired a lawyer to fight his disability denial. The lawyer seems to think it will be an easy case, I hope he's right. If Scooby got his disability and I had all 3 rooms rented we would be golden. But I'm not one to count my chickens before they are hatched....

One good think is the local hospital has a company that is helping people who can't pay their medical bills get on medicade/Gov assistance. Even if you got denied, they will cut through the red tape and help for free. Considering Scooby has had 3 er visits in the last few years he is in medical debt for about 15,000 this is a big help....

Thats about it for now, getting ready for our big fireworks party on July 3rd. Yay!!

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