Monday, May 24, 2010

Life has calmed down. The tenant is back on the wagon, but I stand by my eviction notice and he should be out by the end of June. Scooby is bouncing back, already trying to do more that he should with a broken collar bone.

What I haven't mentioned is my medical problems. First I'm still having problems with my feet, the heels are def. bone spur problems. The one I broke back in January isn't all that bad but having to depend on my other foot, irritated the spur in my other heel. As for the fronts of my feet, since my podiatrist didn't find anything I'm really thinking I'm developing Fibromaglia. My muscles just ache. I can't cross my legs because it hurts too much at the point where they rest together. And just overall arm and leg pain is becoming a pain. Started a pain journal so I can report it to my Dr..

I started playing volleyball on the weekends a couple of weeks ago. Funny thing is, my feet don't hurt all that much when I'm barefoot in the sand. I just have to be careful about over exerting myself, cuz I have to be well enough for work during the week.

Anyway thats about it. Dismanteling the neighbors shed tomorrow to use the metal for the roof of our Tiki bar that Scooby has built off of the one side of the deck. Thinkin about having a few people over for the Holiday weekend coming up.