Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Party's, Taboo Nazi's, and the perfect relationship

Well me and Scoobys party went very well. It's got to be the first time that I wasn't thinking either before or after the party, "Why the fuck do I do all this", and I didn't even take a Xanax, I'm so proud of myself. These 4th of July parties are normally rushed and very stressed, but we started early this year and things couldn't have went smoother.

Our friend Joette brought the game Taboo and being the pushy person she is started trying to force everyone to play. Well I'm horrible at those "think on your feet" type games especially after I've been drinking so I pretended to be busy restocking the food trays in the kitchen and chatting with the others who were trying to escape her wrath. It all ended up being good though, because she was just so hilariously wound up about this game that everyone started calling her the Taboo Nazi.

I didn't end up propositioning Big John. He arrived fashionably late with an entourage of friends and the timing just didn't seem right. Mac arrived after the fireworks and we went out to the backyard where the Taboo Nazi had started up another game. Like me, Mac wasn't into playing Taboo either so I suggested we go upstairs and I could show him the dormer additions that we are building onto the attic area of the house. We did that, then we started smooching on each other and I reached down and started massaging his rock hard cock. I really wanted him right there and now but we decided it would be best to go back to the party. Even though Scooby and I had decided preparty that if we were going to trick with anyone during the party that we'd set out our little red plastic pig in the stairway, and that would be a sign to come back later.

I had already known that Scoobys playmate Jimmy was spending the night that night cause he had to be to work just down the street at 11am the next day. Well I'm not really interested in Jimmy, I don't know why, he just doesn't click for me. Sooo I invited Mac to spend the night and after the end of the party I told Scooby that him and Jimmy could have our bedroom and that Mac and I would sleep in the guest bedroom. Scooby was cool with that so that's what we did. Unfortunately after drinking most of the day and not being "cleaned up" I told Mac that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to fuck me that night. He was cool with that so we played orally for awhile and then dozed off.

Our cat Mr. Poo woke me up early the next morning all distressed cause Scooby and Jimmy had shut him out of the bedroom so I got up and consoled him with some canned food. Then since I was up, I got "cleaned up" and went back upstairs to Mac. He woke up shortly after and we started kissing and I whispered in his ear that if he wanted to fuck me, that I was good to go. He said, "Oh yeah" and rolled me over on my back and slid his hard cock inside me and we fucked for a good part of Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon after everyone had left Scooby really had the need to have a certain cavity filled, so I popped a 1/2 a viagra and we went to bed. He laid on his stomach and I slid in from behind and gave him a slow hard deep fuck. I took turns gripping his shoulders and then his head for leverage and slowly pulled almost out then shoved my cock all the way in. I can tell he likes it cause he really moans when I hit bottom.
I loves me Scooby.


homeboi said...

Mmm. Hot stuff mate.

Good luck with the blog, hope you get as much fun and support out of it as I have.


Michael said...

Me too! Thanks for checking me out.