Thursday, December 09, 2004

Merry Christmas Mr. fucktard

Well its Christmas time and you know what that means. It's time to get fucked over by my employer. It started last week when I received a letter from my boss's secretary saying "Since you didn't use your vacation by your anniversary date of Oct. 15, you have lost 4 days of vacation".

My email to my boss, his secretary, and the director of human resources

Last year I noticed (posted on the bulletin board in the custodial breakroom) a list of physical plant employees and their anniversary dates. My annv. date on this posting states Jan. 27 I argued this saying that I thought my annv. date was Oct. 15,(the date I was hired) and I was told no that it goes by the date that I was permanent fulltime which would be Jan. 27 not Oct. 15.

On Feb. 26, 2004 I asked for vacation for Dec. 23, 2004 and Jan. 3, 4, 2005 and it was approved. If my annv. date is Oct. 15 why were these days approved and why was this not questioned then?

Now I'm being told that my annv. date is in fact Oct. 15 and that I have lost 4 days of vacation. I was only doing what I was told and for that I lose 4 days of vacation? In the past when employees who still had vacation time left and it was getting close to their annv. date they were told to use them or lose them and yet I get notified 2 months after I've already lost my vacation.

The next day I get a email from HR saying that I was right and that my 4 days have been put back into my vacation bank and that they're sorry for the mix up. Man I'm so glad that I sent it to HR also or else I'd still be battling it, cuz our manager and secretary fuck up so much you'd think they were on crack. Another thing is that I actually only had 3 days of vacation left not 4. So I'm thinking do I say anything or just take the extra day. Well after a talk with other employees I'm told that management adding extra days of vacation to employees is normal and happens alot. One woman was told that she had 2 days of vacation to use, so she took them, now management turned around and said she took two days to many and that they will deduct it from her next check. So she is going to be shorted about $200. on her last check before Christmas. Note: the place I work is a college that specializes in teaching people how to run their own business........ Isn't that a fucking joke.

The only thing they do for us for Christmas is take us out for a meal and I was just told that their not doing that this year. I'm sure it was the accountants idea.

So Merry Fucking Christmas

In other news my family is having our Christmas party this Saturday. I like when we have it early and get it out of the way. Plus I think big daddy might be doling out some inheritance this year, since he made a big stink when my brother (who is retired and lives down south) said they couldn't afford to come up for Christmas this year. Needless to say my sister made a call and brother and wife are now coming up. Another clue is my father asked me a week ago about my finances, which is something we never talk about. Sooo I hope I'm right, and if I am me and Scooby are going to take a couple of vacations next year. NYC and San Fran is the plan and while I'm dreaming crashing my old classmates 20 yr. reunion in Tucson would be fun also.

And last but not least Sugar daddy is coming up this Saturday night to give us our gifts. YEA! His gift request this year is to watch me fuck Scooby silly. Boy that will be an easy gift to give...


Homer said...

Hey Mouse, you can crash at my place if you come to Tucson.

angreeblkcub said...

"His gift request this year is to watch me fuck Scooby silly."

fucking...the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. I'm going to start on my 'Dear Santa' letter NOW!!


Michael said...

Cool, thanks Homer, Did I mention that Scooby is a redhead?