Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I got out of work Monday night and started to head home when it sounded like a big chunk of ice broke loose from my wheel well. I continued to drive until my car started not handling worth a crap, so I took the nearest highway exit and pulled over to see if I could pry the ice chunk loose from the wheel well/tire. Turns out that it wasn't an ice chunk at all and that my front drivers side tire was going flat. (note: I just replaced the front tires two weeks ago with new ones) So I pull into the gas station a block away and try to air up the tire, but it refuses to take air and is leaking it out as fast as its going in.

So I go to a pay phone and call Scooby to let him know that I'm going to be late cuz I gotta change a flat. It's just after midnight and its freezing cold and the ground is covered in icy wet slush. Fucking great... So I get the jack and the spare tire out of the trunk and jack up the car, get the lug nuts all off. Then I start to take the flat tire off when the piece of shit jack buckles and basically folds in half dropping the car onto the tire which gets pinched into the wheel well.

Call Scooby back and tell him my predicament and ask him to bring another jack. Wait for a half hour for Scooby to show up. We get the car jacked up change the tire, and we're good to go. That is until Scooby tries to start his van and its dead. Luckily he had jumper cables so we jump his van and finally head for home, by that time its almost 2am.

My only question is why can't this shit happen during the summer when its nice out. But then again it could have been raining.... Long story short the tire was replaced free of charge (luckily I bought the warranty). After I left Discount Tire I immediately went to Big Lots and bought a hydraulic jack. I'm sure as hell not going to deal with the piece of shit jack that came with the car.

Family Christmas went well last Saturday, we all got along and had a good time. My oldest niece was there who is about 4-5 yrs. older than me and we all reminisced about how her and her sister and brother used to torcher me....ah the memories...

Count down to New Orleans, One more week....YES!

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drunk again said...

man that sucks. maybe you can find an insurance company that offers free roadside assistance. i use 21st Century. they have it and its the cheapest insurance i've found.