Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Thank fuckin God, we finally have had a week with out a snow storm and they're not predicting anymore until Sunday. YES! If you hadn't noticed I'm so fuckin sick of winter and all the fuckin snow. For the last several days we've even had temps in the high 20's which is a heatwave compared to the fridged 0 temps that we've had lately. January and February are always the worst fuckin months. Thank god February is a short month.

One thing I don't understand is Groundhog's day. If he sees his shadow we have another 6 weeks of winter...WTF....hello.. its the beginning of February another 6 weeks of winter is a given for fucks sake. I guess I wouldn't hate winter so much if we lived in an apartment. This way snow removal would be someone else's headache.

Anyway here's my top 10 reasons why I hate winter.

10. Having to wear big clumsy boots outside so my feet don't get soaked.
9. Having to carry a pair of "inside" shoes with me to work.
8. All the layers of clothes I have to put on to keep from freezing.
7. Having to close off 80% of the house, cuz I can't afford to heat the entire place.
6. The high gas bills to heat only 20% of my house.
5. All the salt that gets put out to melt the snow/ice that I have to clean up at work.
4. Having to leave the water running at night to keep the water lines from freezing.
3. Having to crawl under the house with a hairdryer when the water lines do freeze up.
2. Snowplows burying my driveway right after I've cleared it.
1. The backaches from shoveling the heavy snow that the snowplows throw in my driveway that my puny snowblower refuses go through.

end of rant...Happy fuckin Groundhog's day

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