Thursday, February 24, 2005

The weekend I almost blew up

Last weekend I planned on painting the floor in the attic so it would have a smooth clean surface to attach those self stick tiles. The area has no heat other than our propane heater that stands about 3 feet tall and is monsterously loud when on high, with the flames flying up the center of the cylinder shaped heater. I was alittle leary about doing this project and asked Scooby if it would be safe to paint near the open flames of the heater. He told me that it would be no problem as long as I use water base paint and NOT oil base.

With all of our past projects, we have about a dozen cans of paint sitting around the house. Other than water base I wasn't sure which paint would work best so I asked Scooby which I should use. He found a can of paint for me and then got busy with his own project of hanging more drywall. I was still a little leary so I decided to read the paint can to make sure and give me some sense of security. First thing I read was DANGER flamible liquid and vapor.

Me: Hey this stuff says Danger flamible liquid and vapor.
Scooby: I've never heard of water base paint being flamible.
Me: It also says it takes mineral spirits for clean up.
Scooby: Oh then I guess its oil base paint.


Geez thank god I read the can or else I'd probably be a french fry. Anyway to make a short story long found some paint that said it took warm sudsy water for clean up. Painted the floor and didn't explode.

This was all kinda disconcerting considering that I've had at least 8 ancesters (that I've disovered so far) that have died in house fires.


Homer said...

I'm so glad you didn't explode!

Glenn said...

I'm glad you didn't explode either. However, Darwin would have been surprised, as flames seem to weed out members of your family. Maybe you're a brand new family design, or maybe the gay gene helps you read directions. :)