Monday, October 30, 2006

Jello shots are not my friend

OMG! Someone brought jello shots to our party and that was all she wrote for me... The actual party is very fuzzy, but I'm told that I turned into a pumpkin by midnight. Didn't have as many people but most came in costume and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately donations this time were meager so it looks like I'll be probably working some overtime in order to pay our liquor bill. We've got tons of food and alcohol left and all I want to do is quit drinking, but not until all the alcohol has been consumed out of the house. LOL

I came too around 3am just in time to help clean up. Went to bed and found a bearded sexy man naked and sleeping. Note: the guys that were suppose to come and spend the night from ManHunt/tease never showed. Surprise....not. Anyway back to the guy in our bed. Scooby came to bed also, the guy woke up all frisky so Scooby started fucking him and I commandeered his mouth. His mouth felt fantastic and my cock swelled to mass proportions in response. We fucked that guy silly and he loved every inch of man meat that we plowed his holes with. What a fun little bottom he was.

It also looks like I've got another house cleaning job starting next week. The extra cash will be nice. The guy is also gonna pay me to help him clean out and sort his basement. We finally had a day with out rain today so I badgered Scooby into finishing up his brakes on his van so we can sell it and sure enough while we were out there bleeding the brakes a couple of people stopping to check it out. I will be so fucking happy if we can get that van sold....

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