Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy "Hallmark" Day

Scooby and I have been together almost 10 yrs. so needless to say we don't celebrate Valentines Day, Christmas or even birthdays for that matter anymore. Yes we wish each other a Happy (whatever holiday ect.) , but we don't buy any gifts for each other. Scooby's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I did take the day off at his request and we sat around and got shit faced drunk.

Actually I've been drinking too much lately. A few weeks ago I came home from work on a Friday night and Scooby was already passed out drunk on the couch. So I took off and went to a friend house and started drinking, then came home and continued drinking and got on the computer. Granted I was only drinking beer, that is until "J" out room mate came home with a bottle of whisky. We started doing shots and I ended up blacking out and passing out. Scooby found "J" and I at 7am Saturday morning curled up under a blanket in the middle of the kitchen floor.

The night of Scoobys birthday wasn't any diffferent. "J" found us passed out naked on the couch, me laying on my back and Scooby curled up like a cat laying on my chest. I've recently discovered that on occasion Scooby with ride my cock after I pass out or fall asleep. So I'm under the impression that "J" witnessed the aftermath of one of those sessions.

I sometimes threaten Scooby and "J" that I'm going to get help, but in all honesty drinking is the only fun thing in my life right now. It only happens a couple times a month on either Friday or Saturday so I don't feel its a problem yet.


thomas said...

if it weren't for the empty calories that my fat ass can't handle right now, i'd still be drinking. there is nothing wrong with it. trust me, when i get thin again, there will be weekly binges again.

Bigg said...

I'm starting to feel like I'm developing a little problem with the liquor, but I figure not being able to afford it will cure me shortly.