Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rant and other shit

Well I was suppose to have an interview at the local State University this morning, but I cancelled it. The main reason for changing jobs was because they had domestic partner benefits. Well no more thanks to Michigan Court of Appeals. I'm too old to start over and loose all my vacation ect. so I guess I'm here to stay unless we move out of the bigoted state of Michigan. I swear to God, that the AFA and the people who support it are nothing but modern day Nazi's, the only difference is they have a more subtle way of exterminating people.

I was hoping to go to the support group for Survivors of Suicide, but the meetings in the area conflict with my job. If the night group was in Midland instead of Saginaw I could go since they're near work. The one in Midland is at 11am, and I refuse to drive to Midland twice in one day, or hang out till I go to work. So I guess the monthly therapist meeting will have to do.

My dads material things are being divided up. He left his riding lawn mower to my sister and her husband, his car to my other sister, the other lawn equipment goes to my brother and I get his craftmatic bed...... the bed he shot himself on. Nice. But my sister just found out that the house insurance will pay to have the mattress replaced. I darkly joked, "He knew that the bed was going to me, why couldn't he have shot himself on the other twin bed in his bedroom." I told my siblings that I wanted the gun also, and they agreed. I wouldn't if it wasn't a family heirloom. But it was my mom's 22 rifle when she was young. So now I just have to wait for the police to release it, I guess it takes a month for that to happen. "J" our room mate said his father offered to teach me to clean it and that I can go shoot it out on their property. I also found an indoor shooting range right down the street.

So thats whats going on with me. I'm doing better. We are all doing better. It had been several days since I got weepy, but I went to the Survivors of Suicide online site and the memorial page made me have a relapse. But crying is a good thing, it helps.


Will said...

Not much more I can do, Mike, but to offer a hug. But you get that big time.

Drub said...

Write to your congressperson immediately. I do on all sorts of things - Constitutional Rights, privacy, the right to marry. I'm just surprised she hasn't paid me a visit already to put a face with a name!

A voice unheard is a one that isn't making a difference.

Bigg said...

It takes time to move on past a death, especially when it's such an unforseen and violent end. You sound like you are keeping your chin up, and I can't tell you how much I admire you and your strength of character for doing so. I'm thinking of you often, and wishing you only the best.