Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Camping recap

Our camping trip was fun. We met up with old friends and made some interesting new ones. Scooby and I collected alot more beads for showing our you know what to several guys.

My best part was meeting Tommy. He's this sexy married/bi/transexual guy fresh out of the army. He came up to us when his group first got there and warned us that he'd probably be dressed like a woman during the weekend, we told him no problem, we didn't care. Late Saturday evening I drunkenly stubbled back to our campsite and saw a glow stick laying on the ground. I said, "Hey a glow stick!" and bent over to pick it up when everyone screamed at me,


Unfortunatly I had already picked it up and immediatly gave it a toss back to Tommy's groups campsite. Then proceeded through out the nite to stick my hand under everyones nose and ask if it smelt like Tommy's ass. Apparently one of his friends stuck it up there. Scooby also spanked the hell out of Tommy with one of his leather slapper things that has a star cut out of it.

Sunday when we were all getting up and starting to pack Tommy came out of his tent, wig a tangled mess, stumbled over to a picnic table and sat down and immediatly said "Ouch". We all laughed and debated whether it was the glow stick or the paddling that he got the night before.

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Homer said...

Oh you made me laugh!