Friday, August 15, 2008

Neighbor update

What I forgot to mention in my last post was we found out that once the neighbor lady behind us divorced she could no longer make her mortgage payment and fell behind. Her church caught her up on payments and also gave her like 8,000 to replace the roof that was in bad shape. She took the money for the roof and her and her grandkids went on vacation down south. While down there she rekindled an old romance and planned on moving.

This was confirmed when our next door neighbor went back to complain about the liquor bottles being thrown into his back yard she told him that he didn't have to worry because they were moving in a few weeks...... that was in June and they are still here.

Her cool oldest gay grandson came back from down south and told us that he came back to help his grandma move but who only knew when that was gonna happen cuz she keeps putting things off. Well he stopped in last night and told Scooby that they were going back so she could enroll the kids in school down there and then come back and get the rest of their shit. So hopefully they will be gone within a month.

Everyone is encouraging me to find out who is the lender on the house and try to buy it. I don't think I can afford it but it is a nice dream. We could rent the house out to friends and take the extra lot and maybe build a garage and have an actual garden or something. We will see.....

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