Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Beware of Knights Inn, the worst hotel chain...

FYI if your ever traveling through Terra Haute, IN and need to stop for the night absolutely under no circumstances stay at the Knights Inn. Once a year we stop through here on our way back home from New Orleans but I usually get us a room at the Econolodge. This year I thought we could save some money and stop at the Knights Inn, I figured since they also have continental breakfast.

We got there and I got us a room for about $10 bucks cheaper then Econolodge. The room looked ok at first, the carpet needed vacuumed but we've stayed at a few dumps in our time and aren't that picky. It was extremely cold that night so we immediately turned on the heat and noticed that the low heat button was broken. We took off down the street to find some food and when we got back the room still wasn't warm. That is when we noticed that the light above the sink didn't work and the volume button was missing on the tv plus it didn't have a remote.

When stopping for the night during a road trip we usually sleep in separate beds so we can spread out. This time we decided to sleep together since it was so cold, so I went to take the blanket off the other bed and there wasn't one. It ended up with us huddled together fully clothed under one blanket and two bedspreads and we were still freezing. After a half hour enough was enough, we tried to call the office but the phone didn't work. So we packed up our shit and heading to the office for a refund only to find out they don't do refunds.

The night clerk are very apologetic and when we mentioned writing a letter to corporate, he encouraged us to do so. He ended up putting us in the room above the office. Again no remote for the tv and only one blanket plus I found tiny glass shards on the bedspread. The night clerk did find another remote and brought us another blanket. The room got a somewhat warmer then the last, probably because of the heated office below us. It still didn't get warm enough to turn it off of high, but we at least stayed warm under the covers.

The next morning the continental breakfast consisted of dry cereal with no milk, toast, coffee and a cheap box of chocolate covered donuts with only two left. Needless to say corporate will be hearing from us and we will never again stay at another Knights Inn.....

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please dont leave us.....I love your blog.