Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The biggest laugh of 2009

A few months ago I got out of work on a Friday night and headed to my friend Thurston's house. Scooby was already there along with a few others including our friend "D''. D has become kind of a mess lately with his drinking and this night was no different. As soon as I got there D wanted me to try on his fathers accordian. Back story, D never got along with his father and was never allowed to even touch his dads accordian, so he was overwhelmed with emotion when he inherited it.

I was tired and didn't want to put the accordian on or try to play it, but D in his wasted state kept insisting, so I put it on. Then he told me to pull on it, I tried lightly and it didn't budge. "Are you sure its not locked?" I asked. D slurrily replied, "no its not locked, pull harder". I tried and it still didn't budge. "Are you sure?" I asked again. "Yes pull harder" he slurred, "your not pulling hard enough". So I did and the dam thing popped into two pieces, so here I stand with 1/2 of the accordian in one hand and the other 1/2 in the other. We both stood there, our mouths hanging open, shocked at what just happened.

Scooby being mr. fixit took the accordian from me and sat down at the kitchen table to try and put it back together. At the table was a pizza box with a couple of pieces left on top, "D" scooped up the box and started folding it into 4th's, I mentioned to him that there was still pizza on the box and he slurred to me that nobodies going to want it now. Just then Thurston swooped into the room and snatched the pizza box from D and passed it over Scoobies head and threw it away.

Then I noticed that in the process Thurston had dropped some pizza sauce on the accordian as Scooby was finishing putting it back together. So we wiped up the pizza sauce off of it and Scooby stood up and started to play it. He got a couple of in and out strokes out of the accordian before it popped open again and some thing hit the floor. We all looked down and here sat a piece of pizza on the floor. Apparently when Thurston passed the pizza box over Scooby a piece fell out and right into the accordian with out anyone noticing. So here we all sit, mouths agape at the pizza now laying on the floor as we come to the realization of what just happened.

Everytime we think of this night we laugh our fuckin asses off....


Christopher said...

Pondering how Pizza sounds when played...was it cold? Lukewarm? Does it depend on how much cheese used to pop out a melody that sounds just so?


Bigg said...

Wow. I mean... just wow.