Friday, March 19, 2010

This and that

Well still not much is new. Scooby and I have been going to couples counseling and its a good thing. The snow is completely gone now and thank god its starting to warm up and we are able to spend time outside. Late January and February normally aren't good months for me. I was just reading Bigg's second to last post and he sounded alot like myself. I have suffered from depression on and off all my life. I told Scooby last month that some days I'm ok and some I just want to jump off a bridge. Its just getting through those bridge days can be tough. But like I said the weather is warming up I'm busy puttering around outside and my mind is clearer and focused on the tasks at hand.

I keep thinking, if we lived in New Orleans I don't think I would have bridge days. I recently read that the state of Louisiana has the happiest residents of any state in the union and I believe it, at least in NOLA that is.

Our counselor told Scooby that she prefered that he smoked pot over drinking. hehehe I told her that was no problem since he's a wake and baker.

Our gold fish survived the winter in the pond in the back yard.

We cleaned up a ton of broken glass in the street of the other house, we think its either the crazy lady across the street or the teenage boys, we all know how they like to break glass....

Been raking leaves for days and need to start another compost bin/pile. I refuse to bag and throw away anymore.

We've got all 3 rooms rented at the other house and we are finally not living hand to mouth and financially struggling for the first time. What a wierd feeling to actually have some spending money.

We are not only having our 4th of July party but planning a Halloweeen party this year as well.

I'm finding old school friends from when I went to school in Tucson on Facebook. I didn't realize but when we left and moved to MI for my Jr and Sr. year of High School that it left a big hole in my life which I'm finally starting to fill/repair.

St. Patricks Day parade is this Sunday in town and we are hanging with friends and partying. I asked for Monday off just in case I party too much, which I normally do. lol

Wow for not having much to say, I said quite abit. Thanks Bigg for kicking me in the ass and getting me to post something!


Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are doing better. I agree you need to post more often LOL. Nice to see that you guys are going to have your party this year. Randy and Shawn

Michael said...

Randy, Shawn!!! Its so good to hear from you guys!!!!