Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well only 3 post this month, how sad.... I wish I could blog the way I used to but locals have found me and I think I said this before, it messes with my head. I don't need people judging me, I do enough of that myself. Plus I think this blog possibly broke up a relationship, but if you don't have an open relationship and mess around on your bf, well they have the right to know. So I'm kinda indifferent on that one.

I'm still seeing the young man now and then. Although I'm seeing things a little clearer now, definitely don't think we could make a relationship work but the sex is fun. Its funny how emotions can take over especially when you find someone who is 20 yrs younger then you with a big fuckin dick who fancys topping you. Its like a drug I tell you...

Starting to work alot outside now that the weather is warming up. Getting ready to install some fences to hide the neighbors trashy back yard and keep the teens from stomping through my garden.

Our couples counceling is still going well, and Scooby and I are getting along great.

I guess thats all for now. If I'm not back on this weekend, HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!!!

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Bear Me Out said...

Sometimes life does get in the way of blogging.

And, I'm terrified the neighbors might find the blog! And mine doesn't even have much to say.