Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a slave to my life..

I know, I know its been forever. But since I'm forbidden to talk about my relationship on facebook, well I'm back...for now at least.

Lets start with the other house that I rent rooms. 3 bedrooms, 3 tenants. Its funny how the person I thought I knew the best turned out to be the worst. My 1st and 3rd tentant are great. The 2nd one to move in, a friend, not so much. He knew that we were just renting rooms so that we could come and go and do work in the common areas. He's complained about possible noise and dust if we do work on the house, to the point we quit working altogether. He's prone to make big messes in the kitchen then blame them on the other tentants. Note: he's bipolar and a recovering alcoholic. Well..... he fell off the wagon. A week ago I was woke up at 4am with him yelling and banging on our windows, cuz he locked himself out of his place. The next morning we discovered that he smashed the railing on the front porch. There was also the problem with him being drunk and naked in the common areas and also giving a bj in the living room with the blinds open for all to see. Needless to say I had to evict him and he will be out within a month....hopefully. I need the money, but not that bad...

Then I get a call at work last Friday from one of the good tenants that the local bar called and asked him to pick Scooby up cuz he was passed 7:30pm. Here I don't get out of work till 11pm. Then a bit later I get a call from another friend saying they just saw someone that looked like Scooby bicycle past the house....all bloody. I call my tenant and he confirms as he was pulling into the bar he see's Scooby leaving in the car with the bike in the trunk. I call Scooby and ask what hes doing, "going home" he says. Then I ask, "On your bike or are you drunk driving?" He swears he's riding his bike. I end up going home early at 9 to find him all battered, apparently he had a bike accident while crossing the bridge. He thinks he's ok so I take off to have a few beers and tell him if he decides to go to the hospital to call me and I'll take him. About an hour later I ended up dropping him off at the ER, he has a broken collar bone, black eye with 4 stitches and rebroke his front tooth.

Personally I had had enough drama with the tenant to last a lifetime, so I was pretty pissed off at this stunt. Friday night I seriously considered breaking up with him, but once I cooled off my anger turned to pity, so here we are, me caring for him.

I really don't know what to do, I love him, but not sure enough to deal with these occasional drunken dramas. The bad/good part is we get along great when he's not drinking. Today I was really tired and was laying outside on a bench resting my eyes before work and he came out and I thought he had started to tickle me, startled I screamed and opened my eyes to see my indoor cat run off. For some stupid ass reason he brought my cat outside and went to set him on me... We both went after the cat and he did catch him but that stressed me out beyond anything.

My cat Kiddo means the world to me and vice versa. If I leave for work with out him knowing, he will walk around the house and meow looking for me. He always sits on my lap when I'm on the computer and sleeps right next to me most of the time. We live on a really busy intersection if Kiddo would have got out of the back yard he probably would have been hit and killed. This really shook me up, because that cat is what keeps me keeping on...

So anyway thats what is going on with me. My life feels like a car with no driver, that its taken on a life of its own and I can't figure out how to get control back.


okiebud4u said...

I am thankful that you are back posting.....I really miss your posts. Hope things go smoother for you soon!



Anonymous said...


Its nice to see you posting again! I really missed keeping up with how you were doing. Always remember if you need someone to talk with or vent know that you can always give Shawn or me a call.

Luv ya

Michael said...

Thanks Randy, hey what r u and Shawn up to 4 Memorial weekend. You guys are welcome to come over if your free. Def. hope to see you guys for the 4th of July party!

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