Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Luck... The Taboo Nazi..Pizza.. and the Sugar daddy

Scooby has managed to come through once again. Despite the shit he's been going through at Home Depot (they didn't schedule him at all this week). First the Taboo Nazi hired him to do work at her place installing a fence around her back yard, rebuilding her front porch and the list goes on and on and on...

Then last week as Scooby was getting out of his car a local pizza shop owner stopped by and asked him if Jake lived next door. Scooby said yes and they started up a conversation, then the guy asked if he could put a sign on our fence in the front yard for his pizza place in exchange for a free large 2 item pizza every week for as long as we keep the sign up. YES! Free fuckin food, hell yeah he can put a sign up. Then Scooby designed a better logo for the guy and he got 5 more pizza's. For those pizza's he can chose anything on the menu. YES! Now Scooby is planning to put together a website for the guy also in exchange for....more Pizza. We had our first 2 topping large (for the sign in the yard) and it was fantastic. They make their own sauce everyday from Italian pear tomatoes. God I love the bartering system.

To try and get back in the good graces of our sugar daddy I sent him a birthday card and sure enough it worked. He called this week and said to be on the look out for an early birthday present/package just for me. It arrived today and I got a gothic skull necklace and bracelet to match. TO COOL! I'm not much into wearing jewelry per se, but this stuff is so cool I'll definitely be wearing it. If things go well it looks like I'll be suckin cock for flowers in my yard again next spring. Yippee!

Not much new to report. They finally got the air restored at work, Thank fuckin God! Now my blower quit working on my car so no air there, so it's going in this Friday for repairs.

No new sexcapades, waaaa... Just Scooby and I doing the usual hokey pokey. Although Scooby did get hit on by Big John (the guy who we heard has a thick 12 cock) last weekend at the "Berg", and is interested in banging us both. God I hope it happens cuz I need something interesting to blog about.

As for the holiday weekend, if the weather is good we will be repairing the front porch roof and hopefully shingling it. Then all the roofs will be done, FUCK YES! We will probably go into Saginaw to the "Berg" Sunday night for drinks and karaoke. We went down last Sunday and Scooby sung his heart out and we had a blast...

Have a nice Labour Day! Ciao

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