Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The fuckin air quit at work Tuesday and its been hotter than fuck in this building this week. Its one thing when your sitting your ass at a desk all day infront of a fan, its a whole nother story when your the person who has to clean the building and your moving around doing manual work. Man I was fuckin sweating like a pig, thank God I took a shower before I came to work this afternoon or else I'd be alot stinkier than I already am. Also thank god that the computer classroom has its own air system. Gee, I hope they don't mind if I clean this keyboard for the rest of the evening. hehe Fuck vacuuming, the carpet doesn't look that bad and its tooo fucking hot, I'd be a puddle by the time I finished. They say that the part will be in Monday and that it will take a couple of days to install, so we're looking at about Wednesday or Thursday of next week before we have air again. OMFG! I'll probably sweat another 10 lbs. of my water weight off again like I did earlier this summer when we were reroofing the house. That's ok cuz the feeling of being lean and fit encourages me to work out and stay lean and fit. For the last few weeks I've been really focusing on my abs and arms by doing a series of different stomach crunches and for my arms I've been doing push ups. Hopefully I'll keep at it.

Oh and since my last post I mentioned to Scooby about him eating Davids ass more that night then he has mine in our 7 yrs. together. Well he confessed that he has been eating my ass but that he does it after I've passed out when I'm drunk. Fuckin Aye, I guess I shouldn't drink so much when I drink, cuz I've been missin out on alot. After his confession he gave me a serious tongue lashing to the point my eyes rolled so far back in my head I saw my brain.

Blast from the past:

Cindy the girl who used to live next door to me in my/our junior and senior year of high school called me out of the blue the other day. She joined the marines right out of high school and is going to be retiring in the next couple of years. Bitch! God I've got about 27 more years until I can retire from where I'm at. Shit... Can I say loser. It was great chatting with her, I told her I was gay and we swapped man stories. She never married but does have a daughter whos father is black. We have so much in common. My fb, Mac is black and has been trying to knock me up this whole summer, but it just doesn't take. I must be barren....Thank god because I'm afraid I'd give birth to a "bad seed". Anyway our 20 yr. reunion is coming up next year and it looks like she's gonna drag me to it. Which is good cuz I chickened out and didn't go to my 10 yr. (dam social anxiety). It will be good to see her in person. I never told her this, but when we parted ways I was kinda irked at her cuz she fucked my best friend who I had a major crush on at the time, but its all water under the bridge anymore.

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Will said...

Hmmmm--another win for communication in a relationship. You talk it out with Scooby, you get your ass eaten when you're conscious. American family values! :-)