Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In like a Lion out like a Lamb

My mom would always say this about March. That if it came in like a lion (bad snowstorm)that it would go out like a lamb (mild weather) and vice versa that if it came in like a lamb it would go out like a lion. This is definately an "In like a Lion" year. The storm started Monday afternoon and is still going. It's been a creeper storm, just a continual light snow that adds up before you know it. I made it home from work last night from my 20 mile drive home wondering if anyone had notified the snowplow guys that it was snowing out.

Got out this morning and snowblowed and it looked like the plows still haven't gone through. The drifts in our driveway and sidewalk are at least 3 feet tall. Once I got the snow cleared from around the cars, driveway and sidewalk I decided that I should call my dad and cancel our weekly Tuesday lunch. He still lives out in the country on the remaining acre of our 40 acre farm and there is no way that I could make it out there in this weather.

Weekend update

IM'ed Mac Sunday morning to say hi and see if he wanted to hook up Wednesday for a playdate. He said he'd really like some today. Then on a fluke I threw out the idea, " I guess you could come over and you and Scooby can take turns on my ass". That left him speechless, but by the end of our IM he said if we weren't busy that he'd come over that afternoon and that left me a little speechless. Needless to say had a wonderful Sunday afternoon having them take turns on my ass and mouth. Man I was in doggy heaven pleasing these two hot guys and having their cocks sliding in and out of me. What a workout! I hope we can get together for another round before Mac leaves for Cali, but if that was the last hurrah, it definately was a memorable afternoon.

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