Friday, April 08, 2005

Blast from the past

Like most Fridays when the weather is good I get to work and then head downtown to the art gallery to clean their windows. I notice the new cutie college student worker is working. He's all smiling at me and says hello, and of course I'm eating this up. Is he flirting with me or is he just being sales clerk friendly. Since I have my crummy uniform on, I thinks he might be flirting, considering that I'm just an employee also and he doesn't have to be all nice if he doesn't want to. To think that a guy who is probably almost half my age is actually giving me any kind of attention is making me all happy and friendly right back at him. I bet he's gay, could be an interesting summer. I normally only clean windows every other Friday, but I think I might start doing them every Friday just to see more of cutie college guy. Stay tuned on this one...

Anyway I get my shit together and go outside and start cleaning windows. About 10 minutes into cleaning this woman walks by and since we make eye contact I say hello and she says hello back. She walks a couple of feet past me and then stops turns around and looks right at me. Then it hits me OMG its Penny, this girl that I used to hang with about 20 yrs ago and haven't seen in about 10 yrs. We're both like OMG shocked to run into each other. She was a friend of my first boyfriend and we like use to party together ALOT when I was a true teenage alcoholic. When I first met Penny she was a teenage mom of a little baby girl. She catches me up on a few of our friends that she has also just ran into after several years. Her baby girl is now 20 yrs old, god do I feel OLD OLD OLD. She then tells me she thinks her daughter is fucked up on crack or something and was down in Flint probably doing drugs. Note: 80% of Flint, MI is dirty, nasty and scary. She then tells me she's planning an intervention next week to try and get her shit straightened out. God I'm glad I never had kids, cuz I just know they would have been serious bad seeds.

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Homer said...

I don't think I've ever heard a nice thing said about Flint.