Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Turkey vs Mouse

For the last month or two the newspaper has been reporting about the wild turkeys that are creating a nuisance in the busy business area of Eastman Ave.. I kinda laughed to myself reading the stories about how they've been sitting on parked cars and pecking at the windows and doors of area businesses. My favorite story was how one chased a pregnate lady into the bank. Granted I've seen the turkeys around campus which is overflowing with wildlife considering its carved out of the woods, its really no big deal.

Today I got to work and noticed that there was a wild turkey behind the barber shop next door. I had gotten to work early so I sat in my car and decided to watch the bird before I had to go punch in. He was just roaming around pecking at the ground mostly. Then he started looking up at the truck he was standing next too, and before I knew it he jumped up onto the truck and perched himself on the truck bed. It was getting time to go inside so I decided to move my car around to the other side of the building so the turkey wouldn't jump on my car and scratch in all up. Went inside and punched in and then decided to go out the back loading dock door and watch him for awhile longer. He was still sitting on the truck, busily cleaning his feathers. I watched him on and off for about 20 min..

Later I had to go out to take some trash out to the dumpster and the turkey was now back on the ground so I decided to watch him a little more. It only took a few minutes this time for him to notice me. We made eye contact and then he stretched his neck so he was really tall and then he started to run at me. I immediately panicked and ran inside the building, all the while silently screaming like a little girl inside my head. I instantly thought of Mark freaking out when the chicken ran across the road at him last week.

Geez who knew they could run so fast...I wish I would have had my camera.

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