Monday, April 04, 2005

Fiddler and the truth

Sunday night we planned on going out to the Heidelberg. I called Joe to see if he wanted to go out and told him we'd be leaving in an hour. He replied, 11:00? I said no 10 totally forgetting that we had a time change. Spent the whole day on the wrong time...Oops... So we got our times straight and made plans to meet down at the Berg for karoke. Passed the civic center in downtown Saginaw and noticed it was packed so I asked Scooby, "What's going on?", he noticed that a couple of 18 wheelers had Disney on them. Note: when events are in town the gay ones normally make it out to the Berg since it's only a couple of blocks away. So oddly we both started fantasizing about doing Goofy. Scooby wanted to fuck him and I wanted to blow him.

We got to the Berg and found that karoke had been switched to Wednesday. The bar was kinda dead when we got there but with in an hour about six more men showed up. 3 of them were all bearded and hunky looking. They looked like they were from outta town, so we figured that they were from Disney on ice. Come to find out they were actually from "Fiddler on the Roof" that was playing in the conjoining theater next to Disney on Ice. Two of the guys were scoping Scooby and I out and Scooby eventually went over to chat and play a couple of games of pool with them. Being the painfully shy guy that I am I stayed at the bar and continued chatting with Joe.

Later Scooby introduced me to the Fiddler guys. Joel was my fav..We chatted for a bit then came the always horrible question:

Them: "What do you do?"
Me: "Um, I work for a local University",
Them: "Oh your a professor!"
Me: "Well no, actually I'm a cleaning person"

Then they said something along the lines of "Well there's nothing wrong with that." Ok I heard that one way to many times and all I can say in my head is "Ouch!" I've been cleaning for almost 20 yrs. ya don't have to try and make me feel good about my lousy job, I can tell in your voice that your not impressed. An answer of, "That's cool" would have been sufficient. What I didn't understand was Joel asking me, "Do you have to work tomorrow?" Me:"Yes", Him: "What time?" Me: "4pm", Him: "Cool". Ok with that question I'm thinking cool he wants to play. But a few minutes later he says that he's got a phone call and steps away and when he comes back he's gotta leave. So we say our goodbyes and they take off back to where ever they were staying. I now wonder if I coulda got luckly if I'd of said, "Yes I am a professor." But I'm not prone to lying so I guess I'll never know.

This weekend and especially today the weather was fucking beautiful. I raked about 4 bags of leaves and started trimming some of my trees. Now my knuckles are all torn apart and bleeding...ahh warm weather. Didn't have any oil/gas for my chainsaw or else I'd of cut up the limbs that I hand sawed out of the trees. Thank god the weather is warming up. Winter took its toll on me this year, but now that its getting nice so is my mood. Which is not only good for me but everyone around me also.

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