Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Random shit

Well I called the vet at 1pm today as instructed, all expecting them to say come on over and pick em up. But no. I was told that they are doing good and getting around, but to call back tomorrow morning. I miss the little shits. I hope their not totally pissed at me for having them fixed and declawed. Puddy our older cat was only there overnight when he had his surgury, but he's a large cat also, so maybe they heal faster.

In other news I fucking worked my ass off today before work. First I rounded up all the trash (tomorrow's trash day), cleaned all the litter boxes, did 3 loads of laundry, and brought in the rest of my plants from outside for the season. I also pulled a table out of the Michigan basement and cleaned it up and put it in the attic to use for a base for my stain glass work area.

(For those of you who don't know what a Michigan basement is, its normally a small dirt floor room under the house.) Ours is just that, which houses the furnace, hot water heater and all my canning jars along with plumbing and heating parts and pieces that need to be installed when ever we get around to in. Oh and its only accessable from a trap door in the floor of the dining room, which is a total bitch. After I moved the table out I then put in one of those plastic shelfs to store my canning jars which had been sitting under and on top of the table.

Then I went to work. Oh wait a minute I made lunch for Scooby first then I went to work. And that was my day so far. My pink eye seems to be getting better, but I had to cancel a date with a hot french man because of it. FUCK FUCK FUCK, I was so looking forward to that rondevous.

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