Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend review

This weekend we finally got the windows installed in the side porch which has been wrapped in a blue tarp for a couple of years now. So we are finally blue tarp free and the questions of "when are you going to take down that blue tarp?" will now come to an end. YAY! We had friends up from Detroit this weekend and a bunch of us went to the flea market. Scooby found some outdoor flood lights so the outside of our house in now illuminated. I made breakfast for everyone on Sunday which included, bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns and waffles.

Next week we hope to install the new porch posts which have been sitting around for a year or more. Will try and take some pics and post if it stops raining. It started raining this evening and is suppose to continue into tomorrow.

Its been weeks since I let Scooby fuck me so last night I put out and he broke me back in good. He moved the sling upstairs to the attic/hobby room. There's more room up there so it worked out good. He stretched me out with a couple of our toys then plunged his own cock deep in me. He stood there and guilded me on and off of his cock. Did i mention that I love our sling......

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