Thursday, September 06, 2007

This and that

I think my favorite CD this year has been Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. Every song on the CD rocks! I was really bummed that her USA tour has been cancelled. Even though the nearest concert was going to be in Chicago, amost 6 hours from home, I considered driving it to see her. I kind of worry about her with all the stuff I've heard recently about the trip to the hospital and all the drugs they found in her plus alcohol. It was also rumoured that she was seen in a bathroom smoking a crack pipe. God I hope thats false. I'd hate to see such a talented woman end up dieing of a drug overdose.


My birthday is coming up this month. Scooby has told me in the past to write it on the calender or else he won't remember. Last year he couldn't even afford a card so this year I was thinking, why bother to remind him. But then I figured that he gets plenty of food stamps so I asked that he pick me up a cheesecake and he agreed. Yum!

Not much else is new, life is boring right now. It's basically work, eat, sleep and a little tv in between.


Homer said...

Mike, honey, when exactly is your birthday?

Drub said...

I totally agree with you on Ms. Winehouse.

Also, Happy Birthday!!!

Michael said...

Its 18th,

and thanks Drub