Monday, September 17, 2007

No plans and my body's downward spiral

Home Depot hasn't worked Scooby in several weeks. So of course they scheduled him to work on my birthday. This happens every year, which is no big deal cuz it gives me free time to play. Of course my fuck/suck buddies are busy also. Dam..... So I'm thinking about heading to the bookstore, hopefully I can find someone to blow who's not a senior citizen yet.

My back is getting a little bit better. I've quit using anything on it other than an occasional heating pad. My hips and legs still ache though. God I'm going to be 41 tomorrow, I'm afraid my body isn't going to make it to retirement. I forgot to mention that I threw my neck out while taking a shower this weekend. If this is what the 40's are all about, kill me now. Thankfully my neck only took a day to heal.

So I'm taking tomorrow off and Wednesday in case I need to recouperate. I said I had no plans in the title but actually I plan on taking us out to the local chinese buffet for lunch Wednesday and I kind of want to see Rob Zombies Halloween. Schools back in session so an early show shouldn't be busy at all. And as for tomorrow I'm hoping to find me some strange, hopefully more than one. Wish me luck.


Carlos said...

Hey there:

Enjoy reading your blog.

Happy Birthday!

wayne said...

Ok, if your legs hurt, you've got radiculopathy. A nerve is being pinched, blocking some of the feeling to your legs. Quit messing around Michael and get to a doctor! Ok, lecture over. Glad to see you are blogging again!