Friday, September 14, 2007

Back pain, shock treatments & the bf goes back to work

Last week I bent over to pick up some trash and my lower back immediately seized up. I'm fine as long as I stay sitting or standing, but trying to stand after sitting is very painful. I've used a heating pad most of the week, tried stretching and was still having problems. Today I started switching from heat to cold and it seems to be working.

Also I totally forgot about my tens unit. I bought it last year after watching xtubes e-stim videos with guys having hands free orgasms. Needless to say it was a little too shocking for my privates, but it works great on my back. I'm being shocked as I write, and thank god its not as painful to stand up now.

Also Scooby worked this week. Luckily one of our straight friends tried to fix his own shower leak and reefed on the pipe too much and broke it. So Scooby fixed that for them and while he was there the wife decided to get a new vanity also. So guess what, I'll be getting a birthday card from my baby this year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a big Happy Birthday to Homer on Sunday!


wayne said...

Sounds like a herniated disc to me. Have you seen a doctor??? It is only gonna get worse, trust me on that!

Drub said...

I've been told that one shouldn't baby your back, but I hope it gets better. Maybe you just pinched something?

Now how does this whole hands free cumming happen? I need to see it for myself. :P

Michael said...

Thanks Wayne

Drub go to and type in e-stim that should get you to the vids of hands free orgasms/ejaculation. I didn't do it myself my tens unit is too shocking. lol