Friday, November 09, 2007

Michigan AIDS WALK rant

I participated in the AIDS WALK again this year and we raised around $25,ooo I am told. We were also told that the money was going to go for AIDS testing........WTF. This kind of irritated me because the Health Dept. does anonymous testing for free, why are they wasting all the money on testing.

For several months I've been submitting my bills for labs and my Dr. to the local HIV/AIDS organization and normally they get paid. Well this time, I'd submit and then a weeks later I'd get billed again saying it hasn't been paid and to please pay now. I submit again and the same thing over and over. I finally found out that they hadn't gotten there Ryan White funds in yet to pay any clients bills. They promised me that they would be paid by the end of the week, a couple of weeks ago. Today I get a letter saying that my bill has gone into collections. WTF....WTF...WTF.........

I'm so angry I could spit fire. I hope to fucking god this doesn't fuck up my credit, cuz I need to refinance my house next year. Plus I'm wondering if the lab and Dr. will make me pay upfront from now on because of this. FUCK

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