Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shitty Kitty

Scooby invited this bottom over a few weeks ago. The guy waited till he got to our place to get cleaned up. It was my first time with him and Scooby's second.....I think. He has a smokin hot body but a totally dirty hole. He gets here, cleans up, we start to play and Scooby starts to finger him and he totally soils our bed. I lost interest immediately and luckily I had to go to work and left them to play.

The next day there is shit splatters on the floor in the bathroom and plus the hose to our "Sureshot" is now broken. That kinda pissed me off since the thing cost almost 100. bucks. Who the hell splatters shit on someone elses floor and just leaves it? Maybe its the virgo in me but I would never be so nasty.

Also I keep our toys in a plastic shoebox size container to keep them clean and sanitary. I normally leave a heavy duty paper towel in the bottom in case I don't dry the toys off completely after cleaning them and putting them away. I go to use one of them and the paper towel is all dishevled and covered in shit splatters also. Fucking nasty..... I had a talk with Scooby and told him that if he wants to play with "nasty shit hole guy" that he's gonna have to do it at his house from now on.


Drub said...

That's just bad bottom etiquette!

Michael said...

No doubt. The guy hit me up yesterday wanting to come over, but I ignored him.