Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We got back Sunday from out road trip to Oklahoma. I've never traveled secondary highways through OK before and was surprised how rural the state is. The majority of the state is grazing land for cattle, not much else. Scooby had a good visit with his mom. She had 14 people for Thanksgiving.......oiy. Scooby's mom is an excellent cook and tried to feed me till I exploded. She had made cinnamin rolls from scratch and fed me two one morning then when I got done eating them announced that we were going out for breakfast. Needless to say Scooby and I declined the offer, since we were already stuffed.

Friday we headed to OKC to the Habana. What a fun place. The bars onsite were busy and so was the cruising around the hotel rooms. I managed to drag a beefy trucker back to the room and drain him of his man gravy. Slurp Slurp.... Definately got to go back if we get the chance.

We had excellent weather for driving. Here are a few observations of the road trip:
Missouri obviously don't have a child safety seat law considering all the toddlers I saw bouncing around in the back of vehicles. Is Britney from there?
In Indiana its more important to text message on busy highways than pay attention to the road, especially if you've got a carload of children.

Thats about it, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Zeitzeuge said...

If the walls at the Habana could talk, I'm sure they could tell WAY too many stories about me and my friends. Only irritating part is that anyone can call your room, by dialing your room number. One night I got woke up about 6 times with offers of sex.

Homer said...

The only time I was in Oklahoma City I behaved myself.

J said...

I live in Indiana and yes, we all text message all the time. Well, I do...but I don't have kids...