Thursday, May 08, 2008

Get your motor running

Well my scooter showed up yesterday. I went to the Secretary of States office (DMV in most states) to get license plates and found out that it is considered a motorcycle. Which means I need a special license to drive a motorcycle. So I got the study book and went home. Went back today and took the test and I only missed one question. YAY So now I have a temporary motorcycle learners permit. I can only ride when I'm with someone who has a motorcycle license. God I feel like I'm fucking fifteen again. Now I have to study the skills test and if I pass I'll be able to ride the dam thing. If I fail the test twice then I'll have to take a motorcycle course, which are booked up till fall.

Had I of known that I had to go through all this I'd of just bought a motorcycle. I might eventually anyway. Both Scooby and I have decided to take the motorcycle learners class to refresh our memories on how to ride a motorcycle since we haven't done it since we were in our teens.

I was reading the owners manual today and it says that in order to break it in correctly that I should drive less then 35mph for the first 300 miles, then 45 mph until 500 miles, then 55mph until 1000 miles. Jeez maybe I won't be driving it to work this year since the speed limit is 50 on the road I planned on taking. Dam its gonna take awhile to get that first 300 miles on the dam thing.

In other news: I get my stitches out of my face tomorrow. YAY


Tom said...

Perhaps you shouldn't be in too much of a hurry to be "born to be wild". Navigating your furniture is dangerous enough.

Michael said...

I know, but if gas keeps going up 10 cents a week I won't be able to afford to go to work by the end of the month.