Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BearTrapping.com (the truth about)

I've been getting spam from BearTrapping.com forever. Finally yesterday I signed up and found out today that you can't do anything on the site without paying 10 bucks a month. No emails, no nothing. So I politely told them to cancel my profile because I couldn't afford their pay site and this is the response I got:

"You can't afford a lousy $3 a month? what the fuck are you using the internet for adult content for then, loser. Get a fucking job."

WOW what a way to run a website. Even when I do get some extra money I'm sure as hell not going to spend it there. FUCKING ASSHOLES......


Drub said...

Complete douche bags. WTF?

Will said...

A couple of weeks ago I started getting a lot of notices out of the blue that I had new messages from my BearTrapping buddies. I wasn't able to find how to turn them off, so I haven't gotten as far as the abusive response you got.

CTM aka Scorpioncelt said...

Hey dude -- I feel your pain. Here's the abuse I got when I tried to get my profile deleted and gave them constructive feedback on how to improve the website:

"LOL... are the stupidest motherfucker on the planet? There's not one fucking complicated thing about it loser."


"Fuck you you dumb cunt. How's this for 'standard logic'. It's called the fucking HOME button. If you weren't such a whiny piece of fag shit, you might have noticed that. It's on every fucking page, and takes you, amazingly, to the HOME Page, where you can find everything. Maybe you've noticed this ultra high tech form of
navigation on devices such as the much sought after iPhone."

jc said...

When I started to complain in the chat room my messages were no longer sent to the group. Then, of course, they tell me that my user name and password are incorrect. i paid for a full month but was only on the site for less than a week. That must be illegal and cause for shutting this site down. Does anyone know what recourse I have?