Sunday, July 18, 2004

Boating and The Doobie Brothers

We worked on our roof for awhile yesterday but quit early and went boating with our friend Joseph on his little boat, "The Larry Lee" is a 1967 Slickcraft that seats about 5 people.  With the wind it was a little to chilly to swim so instead of going out on the bay we went up the Saginaw river.  Went under some tiny bridges to get to areas that other boats can't get to. It was so calm and relaxing getting away from the river congestion and all the straight families and their big fancy boats.  I got a little too tipsy and almost fell off the boat while trying to take a piss off the side, its what I get for mixing Transfusions with beer.  I fixed sandwiches for our trip and they helped soak up some of the alcohol, so then I  had a few more beers.  Went down the Cheboyganing creek which also doesn't get any boat traffic cause of the two small bridges that cross over it.   Didn't see anyone for miles and it looked clean enough to swim in.
We got back around 9:30 and there were cars everywhere and then remembered that "The Doobie Brothers" were playing down at the park behind the house.  It was so weird to actually be able to hear the concert from our backyard.
Anyway that was Saturday in a nutshell.  Today we'll go back to working on the roof, Oh Joy!
I totally forgot to mention when we were boating on the main river that we saw a woman giving head to her boyfriend at a park on the banks of the Saginaw river in broad daylight.  This really pisses me off cause guys get busted down there or at least chased away by the cops at night, but straight people can have sex during the day in the park with no problem.  Yeah, that's fair...NOT...


Will said...

Just how big is this roof? It sounds like a lifetime's work, although maybe that's just how it seems to Scooby and you. Good luck!

Michael said...

As too how big? I'm not really sure. I bought 65 bundles of shingles which is about a palet and a half. Its just a slow process, plus because of our meds we never really feel worth a shit.