Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Stranger Nights

A couple of weeks ago around 2am Thursday night/Friday morning Scooby and I were sitting out on the back porch (which is basically our living room during the summer) watching tv, when we (including the cat) see something/one go past the window. We sit there and kinda go, "What the fuck was that". Scooby goes to the back door and turns on the light and there is this woman standing in our back yard and she immediately says, "Do you have a phone, I need to call for a ride". Scooby tells her to go back around to the front door and he'll bring her a phone. I'm thinking something isn't right about this picture. First of all, we always keep our front porch light on and we have a doorbell. Why the fuck didn't she use the doorbell and what is she wandering around in our back yard for, at 2am no less? Well Scooby brings her the phone and she's got a boyfriend that's standing out front. They make a few local calls tell the person they're calling that they were at a party and the cops showed up so they ran. They find someone to come get them, then they leave. Weird, Weird, Weird... We are in the process of some construction on our house and I personally think that they were casing out the place looking for something to steal. Needless to say, I'm seriously thinking about doing a "Home Alone" job on the back yard just to keep it interesting for the tresspassers.

Maybe its because we live at a major intersection in town, because weird things like this happen to us alot. We had one guy come knock on our door last year in the middle of the night looking for a hand out. He asked if our house was the parsonage for the church across the street and we told him no. He said he needed to buy a gallon of milk for his kids and he didn't have any money. Well, we gave him enough to buy milk, he graciously thanked us and left. And like a stray cat that you feed, the guy started coming back regularly trying to hit us up for money. Scooby finally had to be a little rude to the guy and told him not to come back. A few months ago, the same guy caught me getting out of my car one night and started up with the same story about needing money for milk for the kids blah, blah blah. I gave him a few bucks, then he tells me the store is to far on bicycle and asked if i'd drive him there. I told him that I just got our of work and was tired and that no I couldn't give him a ride. Our neighbor later told us that he frequents the bar down the street and is constantly hittin people up for money. If he comes back again asking for money, He's going to at least let me see his cock.

The best and wierdest happend just a couple of nights ago. 1:30am the door bell rings, I think that it's probably our neighbor Jake (early 20's, cute and straight) because he knows were usually up till 2am and occassionally stops by to chat and bitch about his life. I open the door and here is this cute little gay boy with a LAPD hat on. I looked like shit and was horrified that anyone that I don't really know is seeing me like this. (You see, I had a mole cut off the end of my nose a while back, which is healing really fuckin slow, so at night I cover it in Neosporin and an bandaid to help it heal.) Anyway I'm surprised that it's not our neighbor and he's surprised that a Bandaid face answers the door so we both kinda half heartedly laugh and He says, "I just wanted to stop and say that I really like your stained glass rainbow in the window, and I'm kinda lost, could you tell me how to get to the hospital, I've got another 3 miles to go once I get there." He's kinda acting not really right, like he's either drunk or on drugs or something. I give him directions, he comments again on the stained glass rainbow and then he leaves. Then I think, was he driving?, cause its raining really hard, so I look out the door and there's no car and he's gone. I tell Scooby what just happened and we look out towards the bridge and he's not there. I finally see a figure almost a block away and the person looks alot more fucked up then the kid I had just talked to. This person is stumbling around, then it looks as if they sit down on the curb, then it looks like the person went out in the street and laid down. I tell Scooby to come on, if its the same kid, we'll give him a ride to where ever he's going. Vainly I take off the bandaid, grab a couple of large towels for him to dry off with and we leave. We get up to the light and yes it is the same kid, but some woman is picking him up by then, so we turn around and go home. God if he'd of just asked me for a ride to begin with I would have been happy to help him out.

Hell, several years ago around Christmas, Scooby and I were decorating the tree and this girl rings our doorbell and says that she lives around the block and could I give her a ride to her boyfriends. It being the Holidays, and me being the kind of person who likes to do good deeds (mainly to try and correct the bad karma that I've created in the past), I of course drive her to her boyfriends.

With all these occurances Scooby says it wouldn't faze him one bit if someone stopped by one day and said, "Can I have a broom, a can of tuna and a ride to Ohio"....


Will said...

Your blog has two things going for it--you have a good story to tell and you tell it very well. I'll be back. And how about I link to it from mine? Have a fun weekend.

Michael said...

Thanks so much! I've linked you up also.