Thursday, July 22, 2004

Canoeing with Hot Men

We went canoeing on the Rifle river yesterday with two other gay couples and had a excellent time.  It was R & T's idea, T was off this week on vacation and being that he's from Australia  R wanted to take him canoeing.  R is in his early 40's, smooth and muscular, T is in his early 30's, muscular, furry and tattooed (Yum, Yum Yum) combine that with his Aussie accent and OMG!  The other couple was J & D.  Both in their early twenties, slim, tight, muscular bodies to die for.  We stopped in the middle of our trip and D jumped in the river and started swimming.   I was the second to jump in, it was kinda cold but it did feel very refreshing.  We all swam around except for J who stood on the banks and watched us.  In fact I caught J looking at me a few times when I was standing in the water up to my waist.  I just figured that I must of had something on me or something.  Then on our way home J complimented me on how good I looked, actually I think the words "Fit and tight" might have been mentioned.  I was fucking blown away that a hot guy in his early twenties thought that I had a good body. 

I can't remember anyone ever giving me a compliment on my body before in my life, other than Scooby loves my furry chest.  I'm normally so critical of myself and now I'm kinda seeing me in a new light.  Granted I've never been fat, its just that I've never been in shape either.  I've never had the extra funds to go to a gym, and as for exercising, well I get into it for about a week or two then I miss a day, the day turns into a week, the week turns into a month and so on.  Being that I'm turning 38 this September, I know I really got to start some kind of work out routine and stick to it.   I guess I better take some new pics soon.  

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