Monday, March 21, 2005

Shitsa happening

All kindsa things are happening around here. First of all Bambi is dead and I'm not talking about the cute little deer from Disney. Bambi is/was the obese owner of "Bambi's Bottoms Up" the local gay bar which was your basic little fire trap of a dance club. Actually he wasn't the actual owner of anything, because of few bankruptcies he had everything in other people's names. I feel really indifferent about his death considering his cocaine use/habit has fucked up alot of our young local gay men. He had turned a once fun local dance club into a sad mess that we eventually boycotted. Needless to say I didn't go to the funeral but we did joke about going, just to give him a VCR (Visible Coke Ring) around his nostrils. Already considering lifting our boycott and going back to the bar, hopefully this change will be for the good. fingers crossed...

This Wednesday Mac and I are having our last fuckdate. He leaves this weekend to start anew in California. Man I'm going to miss our afternoons of him fucking the hell outta my ass. He's a super fun top and I highly doubt if I find a man as HOT as him to be a replacement. Dam Dam Dam

Got plans for a Good Friday fuckfest. T our cute furry friend from last fall is single again so we're going up to his place Friday and fuck him silly. Looking forward to double stuffing his hot juicy butt among other things. We promised to leave him sloshing by the time we leave, which will be no problem.

Our driveway is about 50% submerged with all the melted snow. We bought a little pump last week and I'm hoping Scooby used it to drain some of the water or else we are going to have a serious mudd swamp problem. Looking forward to a short week this week having Good Friday off and all.

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angreeblkcub said...

VCR?? AHAHAHAHA....omg, I just spit out my diet coke with lime on that one. :D

and whoo hoo on the future double stuffing!!mmmm...I love stuffing sloshy holes.