Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Weekend recap

We had a good drive up north to visit "T". Other than all the trees and ground was still dormant, dead and grey looking. We spent Friday and Saturday morning pounding the hell outta T's ass. We fucked him every which way, fucking him from both ends, double stuffing him, and just taking turns watching each other fuck him. Needless to say six fucks and five huge loads later T's ass was filled and done.

Things didn't work out for Mac and I's last fuck date on Wednesday. He ended up having stuff come up and then so did I this weekend so I didn't even get to see him before he left. If your reading this, sorry I didn't make it in to Saginaw to say goodbye, good luck in Cali. Hopefully well get out there one of these days and see ya.

We got back home Saturday and headed over to our friend Thurston's with cocktails in hand. Thurston is a pack rat and had just acquired a 70's console stereo. So we helped rearrange things in an upstairs backroom so he could listen to his vinyl while he's on his computer. He's got so many records that we ended up getting drunk and listening to everything from Paul Robeson singing "Old Man River" on a 78 to Xavier Cugat also on 78. This is the reason I didn't make it into Saginaw Saturday night, I confess I was too drunk to drive. We ended the evening finding the first album of Sesame Street and drunkly singing the theme song and "Somebody come and Play", and "I love Trash", which Scooby and I dedicated to Thurston and his love of old broken things...aka TRASH.

Sunday morning Scooby and I went and took my dad out for Easter brunch then after a few hours of visiting we left and spent the rest of the afternoon at Thurston's drinking again. We spent the first few hours trying to pry his back wheel well back out after a slight mishap earlier in the week with a semi truck. Then it was back up stairs to drink more and listen to more records.

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