Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Drama, get some in your life

There's a sandwich place I go to most Friday nights to get my dinner and while I'm sitting there waiting I always check out this sticker on the side of their gumball machine that says "Drama, get some in your life!" It has the head of a woman on it probably fifties style, I would say. Anyway I always think to myself, who the fuck would WANT drama.

This weekend I got more than I cared for, thank you very much. I wasn't even sure whether or not to blog this week. I've been in a crappy, foul,angry, some what depressed mood as of late.

We went out to the "Berg" Friday after I got outta work. Things went well until we started to leave and our 1970 Caddy wouldn't start. I have a love/hate relationship with this car. So far I've got about $2,000 put into it and it keeps demanding more, more, more, more money. We get it started and stupidly decided to go to the after bar party that's a couple blocks away.

We really wanted to go, cuz this really hot French poz guy that I've had a crush on for the last 10 yrs. was gonna be there and he mentioned that he was interested in both of us. We go and its a small party about 8 of us all together including the two guys throwing the party. Besides the two hosts, us three poz guys, there are 3 other guys. One is "T" who's about my age. He was the "IT" guy back when we first came out. He was with his ex and the other guy I would guess to be his bf.

"T" and his ex are chatting with me and he starts in on his extreme displeasure with me about his ex getting gay bashed several years ago in front of my house during a Halloween party we were throwing.

First of all its not a gay bashing when your being hit by another gay person you fucking twits. The real story is the ex shows up to our Halloween party drunk as a skunk and starts stirring up shit. He called a Mexican girl a bitch and well that's all she fuckin wrote. Girl was pissed the rest of the evening and voiced it thoroughly. Her and her (1) gay and (1)straight friend ask ex to walk them outside to their car, and thats when they slap him up abit. They didn't even leave a mark on him and he slept with my bf later that evening. I'm sure ex told "T" he got gay bashed because he wanted sympathy from him. "Oooo feel sorry for me"

Fuck you both, and thanks for ruining my buzz.

So then I notice that Scooby is missing and so is Hot French Guy. I look and look through the house and finally run across them exchanging BJs in the bathroom. I suck on HFG cock for a moment but then its decided that we really should get back to party. dam. HFG has to work early in the morning so he leaves. Double dam.

Party ends we go to leave and Caddy won't start. Try jumping it but nothing. I start bitching and throwing a fit about the car and mention I want to sell the piece of shit and host "E" insults me by offering me 100. for it. Fuck off...

Hosts tell us that we can stay with them. Fine I guess we don't have a choice. They show us to the spare bedroom and we go to bed. I'm a light sleeper and wake up at the crack of dawn to hear someone whispering in the bedroom. It ends up being host "E" and then he proceeds to jack off my bf, gets him off then heads to work.

Ok I'm fuming now. Yes we have an open relationship. but we don't blatantly do shit right infront of each other, especially when one is sleeping in the same bed. And the hosts don't even have a open relationship. WTF... I'm so fucking mad now I can't get back to sleep. So I get up get dressed and contemplate what to do next. I decide to leave Scooby there and walk home.....15-18 miles.

First stop 7-11 to piss and grab some water for my trip. I walk and walk and walk, and walk......Through the ghetto of Saginaw no less. But I figure that its 10 am people don't get shot or killed at 10am. My worst fear was getting mauled by dogs. I walk past several abandon houses, General Motors, lots of dead animals. Walking, walking, walking. About 8 miles into my trip I'm starting to think this might have been a stupid idea cuz my feet and legs are killing me. But looking forward to getting to the park on the way home cuz it can be cruisy.

A couple more miles and this girl stops and picks me up. She's just made a "pill" run to Saginaw. "Can't work without the vicodin", she says. Also mentions that she really shouldn't be driving since her license is revolked and there is a warrant out for her arrest. GREAT! Anyway she turns out to be nice. Invites me to come down to the bar she works at sometime, says that I could get tattoo'd and pierced right at the bar. Don't think so. She drops me off at her place and I walk the rest of the way home, its about 1pm by the time I get home.

By the time I get home I'm fed up with everything. Smalltown gay assholes, being poz, my exhausting thankless manual labor job, my money pit of a house and car, my unemployed bf, everything... So then I half heartedly think I should just tie a bag around my head and let the bf find me dead on the couch. I don't do it of course, but I can't help entertaining little dramatic scenarios in my head from time to time. And besides it'll never happen cuz no one would be able to collect any of the life insurance.

Drama, get some in your life!


angreeblkcub said...

whoa..what a fucked up suck ass time all around. Sorry buddy. Rather than offing yourself...a well placed kick to the bf's shin, or to your host's forehead might do wonders for your bad mood. not advocating violence or anything...just sayin..that whole gasping for air with plastic bag over your head thing...so painful and unsexy...LOL


Thom said...

Wow, the weekend from hell, that's for sure. At least it gave you an action-filled blog entry? Big hugs.

Homer said...

Oh Mouse, I feel for you. At the same time I really liked this entry- you certainly have adventures. XO

Drub said...

Definitely a bowl of warm water and his hand trick when he falls asleep will make this all better.

Or just get on line, get your cock out and get a hot piece of ass over at the house... whatever works for you. ;)