Monday, August 08, 2005

Weird and bizarre dreams

My dreams lately are becoming vividly weird.

Last night I dreamed...

I was enslaved on a ship
or was it in a large warehouse.
Everything was steel,
lots of corridors

Their was about a dozen of us men.
All dressed the same.
large black patent leather pumps and old fashion stockings
with garter belts to keep them up.

The garters didn't work.
I had to keep pulling the stockings up.
We hated them
but "The Man" made us wear them.

We weren't naked
can't remember what else we were wearing
too busy hating the shoe and leg wear
something skimpy I think

We were patrolling the corridors
for what, I don't know
More slaves or concubines?
I suppose

The one that had been there the longest said
He had to fuck "The Man" last night
said it was messy
dirty, shitty, messy...

What the fuck is that all about?
Weird and fucked up,
but never a dull moment..
It was like "Rocky Horror" goes to the bathhouse...


Will said...

Now THERE'S an image! :-) I never really thought of you as the black patent leather type. :-)

Thom said...

Very interesting dream - and in poetry, too!

thomas said...

i'm so jealous, i just dream of work and shit, never anything that creative.

Michael said...

Your right I'm not much of a patent leather guy. You should have seen these shoes. They were huge Minnie Mouse shoes.

Normally I dream of work also but instead of cleaning offices I'm cleaning a big auditorium. YUCK!

I definately like my freaky dreams better.