Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pit bulls kill and maim at Saginaw's childrens petting zoo

OMG! Here I was just saying that when I walked home last weekend that the only thing I was really afraid of was being attacked by dogs.

Less then a week later two pit bull's dug under the fence at the Childrens Petting Zoo in Saginaw and killed three animals and fucked up several other animals. It makes me sick to just think of it. The Zoo is a non-profit volunteer based zoo. Zoo workers managed to kill the one pit bull and the other was captured by animal control. The dog is going to be put down in four days if the owner doesn't claim the dog.

I highly doubt if the owner claims the dog. If he does I think they should make the asshole pay for all the damages. I'm sorry but people should not be able to own animals that kill for FUN.

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